Welcome to the Serene Beauty of Our Mountain Home...Swiss Colony

Founded in 1970 by the late great Harry Mays, Swiss Colony was originally named Arrowhead Acres as a nod to Mount Yonah & the surrounding Sautee Valley area being steeped in Native American history & folklore.  In 1976, with the reinvention of Helen as a Bavarian Village, the subdivision was rechristened Swiss Colony.

While originally planning and developing the community, Harry envisioned a reprieve from the city, where people could escape to the mountains on the weekends or while vacationing.  His vision also imagined a revolutionary (for the time) building process that would cut minimal trees from the land and take those same trees to the lumber yard to be milled and returned to the land to build the Chalets where the trees once stood.  These were the first homes in Swiss Colony.  This minimally invasive practice left the wildlife and mountain flora intact and is why, to this day, we enjoy the splendor of the National Parks from right within our subdivision!

The earliest occupants of Swiss Colony had a real sense of community, where neighbors helped neighbors and community get togethers were frequent. But times have changed, and thus, so has our little community. The Chalets that were once weekend getaways are largely occupied as full-time residences now, with only a few weekend rentals. The old rabbit ear antennas (that never did get clear reception in the mountains) have made way for high-speed fiber optic throughout the subdivision. Vacant lots are seeing new homes constructed. While the original sense of community may have faltered in the past, today Swiss Colony is witnessing an eagerness for revitalization that is unprecedented!  There is a palpable desire amongst the residents to reinvigorate Harry’s vision for a strong sense of community!  That eagerness has manifested itself through volunteerism that seems to be contagious! The recent improvements seen throughout the subdivision have all been from the efforts of volunteers!  The future is indeed looking bright for our subdivision!

So welcome to the Northeast Georgia Mountains…
…Welcome Home to Swiss Colony!